Documentary / 52 mn / RMC DECOUVERTE


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Un film by Caroline Amiard and Daniel Ablin


Directed by Daniel Ablin



This documentary tells the story of Fürhersonderzug, the ultra-secure train in which Adolf Hitler travelled all over Europe during much of the Second World War.

In the early 1930s, to secure his movements and to face his paranoia, Hitler ordered the construction of a special train, under the code name "Amerika", a kind of travelling fortress on rails, an armored monster whose every wagon was designed by the Führer himself.

Beyond a simple means of travel, this real steel beast also served as the Führer's mobile headquarters during the invasion of Poland and the Baltic States.

The convoy of about fifteen wagons is equipped with the most efficient communication instruments and anti-aircraft batteries.... Another convoy preceded the Führer's train and a third closed the gap. In addition, a Condor aircraft, commanded by Hitler's personal pilot, always follows the train, if necessary...

The construction of this extraordinary train represented an incredible technical feat on which the greatest engineers of the time worked.

This train also has historical importance: it was on board that Hitler met Pétain, Franco and Mussolini. These were decisive meetings in the course of the Second World War. Hitler continued to use this train until January 1945 for a final trip to his bunker in central Berlin.

With (in order of appearance)


François Delpla - Historien du nazisme et biographe d'Hitler

Mark Felton - Historien, expert de la sécurité d'Hitler

Luc Fournier - Vice-président du Cercle Historique du Rail Français

Séverine Fraisse - Guide et responsable du "Musée Des rencontres" de Montoire-sur-Le-Loir

Clive Lamming - Historien des chemins de fer

Paul Malmassari - Historien de la guerre ferroviaire

Rainer Martens - Directeur adjoint du Musée de la Deutsche Bahn



Production : 909 Productions / Frédéric Joly

Producteur : Vincent Attelé

Directrice de production : Nawel Berrouiguet

Assistantes de production : Clotilde Veuillet / Julie Lefranc / Alyssa Bucquet


Dop : Valentin Caron

Sound engeneers : Olivier Millo / David Chaullier


Documentaliste : Dominique Metten-De Laage


CGI : Les Monstres / Marion Lebastard / Nicolas Mongin / Thomas Benazech / Hélène Orjebin


Editing : Isabelle Martin


Music : Music For Prod


Color grading : Olivier Nainfa


Mixing : David Trescos